Product design & reliability

  • Does my product fulfil all functions that my client requires?
  • Can the product I have designed actually be made?
  • Will it work correctly throughout its lifespan?

Improve-U supports you in specifying an item and the features that it must have, and develops the most appropriate technical solution for you, in accordance with your client’s requirements.

Improve-U identifies the functions your product must perform, the constraints upon it, and the risks that must be avoided, so that you can offer your clients real added value. We review the designs, ensuring that they are robust, and develop optimal solutions so that production can begin rapidly and be flexible and reject-free. We establish the necessary reliability, validation and maintenance criteria to ensure that your clients remain satisfied throughout the lifespan of the product.

Industrial engineering

  • How do I turn my idea into a product?
  • How can I offer more added value than my competitors?
  • How do I deal with constraints on productivity?

Improve-U takes over the product development for you, starting from a blank page for a new project, or from an existing product. We work with you to define the routes to take and the resources to use for future large-scale production.

Improve-U helps you throughout the process of transforming and producing your product. We analyse and develop the processes, the flows and the methods needed to achieve the production and productivity levels required. We help you to develop the appropriate route sheets through simulations, so that added-value operations can be optimised. Through our expertise, you will achieve a higher level of performance and increase your competitiveness by reducing the time required, reducing costs, and correcting process drift.

Quality & Excellence

  • How can I perform even better?
  • How can I simplify my operations and work more quickly?
  • Where should I start?

Improve-U supports you at every step in your Quality & Excellence approach, helping you to set your priorities and then implement your chosen options.

Improve-U assesses your performance using a systematic review of the operational processes and some factual indicators. We help you to define and simplify your operations so that you can accelerate them and prevent wastage of resources. By taking a systemic approach, we help you to optimise your operational excellence and maintain it in the long term, by making best possible use of the resources available and transforming them into real added value.

Regulatory and standards monitoring

  • What are the regulations, norms and standards with which my product must comply?
  • What risks do my business and my client incur?
  • What do I do to obtain the required certifications?

Improve-U does the work involved in monitoring norms and standards, checks the regulatory compliance required of your activity and informs you of the latest developments in this field.

With the help of its network of experts, Improve-U researches the requirements that apply to your company and your products. We check that your operations are compliant so that you avoid unnecessary risks to your business or your clients. We adapt the monitoring strategy to your business sector. We advise you of the steps to be taken for products or organisations to gain technical certification, in accordance with sector best practice, and with current regulations and legislation.

Swiss Made – Swissness

  • What strategy should be used to meet the requirements for “Swiss Made” labelling?
  • How can these requirements be turned into a competitive advantage?
  • Are we compliant with the law?

Improve-U uses its expertise in understanding the requirements for qualifying as Swiss Made to help you apply the description correctly, effectively and visibly so that it becomes a competitive advantage.

Improve-U helps you to understand and apply the new statutory requirements for use of the label “Swiss Made”, and also the associated regulations. We produce a comprehensive report on the Swiss operations and we assess the level of compliance. We provide a neutral analysis of the accounting aspects and offer reliable solutions for managing evidence. On request, we produce stakeholder audits and propose optimisation solutions, as well as providing legislative intelligence.